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Posted on Thu, 10 May 2012

The PornCMS Pay-Per-View System allows you to sell "Site Wide Access" to your website. When a visitor purchases "Site Wide" access, they have full access to all free, member's only, and Pay-Per-View pages on your website.

A common best practice is to use the "Site Wide" item in place of the default PornCMS subscription payment system. Set the "
Allow Free Joins" option to 'Allow' and set a tokens price and duration for the "Site Wide" pay-per-view Item. With this method, all payments and access will be managed by the Pay-Per-View system.

Q: How do visitors pay for "Site Wide" access?

A: If the "Site Wide" PPV Item is active, All pay-per-view payment pages will have a "Site Wide" option below the payment option for that page. See the example in the screenshot below. The first payment option allows the visitor to pay for that page only, and below it they have the option to buy "Site Wide" access:


Q: How do I send my visitors to the "Site Wide" payment form??

A: You can send visitors DIRECTLY to the "Site Wide" payment form using this link:


(change 'your-domain' to your website domain)

Q: How do I convert my site from the old subscription-based payment model to Pay-Per-View with Free Joins??

A: Converting your site from subscription-based payments to Pay-Per-View with Free Joins is relatively simple. All of your existing members must be given a "Site Wide" payment receipt that allows them Site-Wide access while their username is active. Once the biller removes the user from the password file, the user will no longer be allowed to sign in with that username. Therefore, once the member's old subscription expires, he will no longer have access to the website and will need to join again.

The actual conversion process is done by our Support team and is billed as 1-hour of custom programming. If you would like to convert your site from the old subscription model to Pay-Per-View with Free Joins, please 

contact support


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