Testing your Pay-Per-View System

Posted on Tue, 8 May 2012

If you are using the PornCMS Demo, or want to test your own Pay-Per-View setup, you can follow these steps to:

  • Create a PPV Item
  • Give credits to a member
  • Test purchase access to the PPV Item

Here are the steps in Detail:

    1. go to SETUP > PAY-PER-VIEW > ITEMS and add a page.
    2. when the page reloads, edit the tokens cost, & length of view for the new page and make it 'active'. the sample room we set up is the 'Webcam/Main' room for 100 tokens and a 4-hour view duration. we also added the Webcam/main room to the site navigation for easy testing.
    3. next, you need tokens for testing. go to SETUP > PAY-PER-VIEW > RECEIPTS and click 'add' at the top of the form.
    4. fill out the manual receipt as follows:
      ACTION = 'credit'
      MEMBER USERNAME = your front-end username
      TOKENS = enough tokens to enter the pay-per-view room you created. when you click 'add receipt', that username will receive that token amount.
    5. next, we test the page. go to your test page in the front-end.
      a. if you are not signed in, you have the option to sign in or register free.
      b. if your account balance has enough tokens, you will have the option to 'spend now'. 
      c. regardless of your balance, you can buy tokens. these buttons redirect to your biller's signup form.
    6. since you have tokens from step 4, click 'spend now' and your account will be debited the tokens. the site will store your purchase and load the ppv protected page.
    7. if you visit RECEIPTS in the admin, you will see a new 'debit' for the purchase you just made. the RECEIPTS table also has an 'expiration' column for active debits (ppv passes). if the user's ppv pass is not yet expired, there is an 'X' button next to the expiration date to manually expire the pass. if you click it for your ppv pass, you will no longer be allowed to view the test page. expiration times use the SERVER TIME at the top right of the cms admin.

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