Data Array : Models

Posted on Thu, 12 May 2011

Here is the data structure of the Models array of Porn CMS included in the Models, Videos and Photos template pages. The $id key variable is received from the URL.

Unique ID for this record.
$Models[name][$id] Name of model (rawurlencoded).
$Models[description][$id] HTML enabled area from the CMS admin (rawurlencoded).
$Models[meta][$id] Meta description of the model (rawurlencoded).
$Models[eyes][$id] Eye color of model.
$Models[hair][$id] Hair color of model.
$Models[breasts][$id] Breast Size of model.
$Models[height][$id] Height of model.
$Models[weight][$id] Weight of model.
$Models[ethnicity][$id] Ethnicity of model.
(white|black|latina|asian|middle eastern|european|native american)
$Models[birthdate][$id] Birth Date of the model in the following format: 1980-01-01
$Models[status][$id] Active status of the model. (y|n)
$Models[showdate][$id] Publish date of the model in the following format: 2008-01-01

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