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Posted on Wed, 30 March 2016

The new bootstrap template includes the Trailer page add-on. This page displays screenshots and an optional trailer video to non-members (it is hidden for members). The sample screenshots are automatically captured during video conversion, but you need to upload a trailer video.

Adding a Trailer video to a member's video is very easy.

1. Go to MEDIA:Videos and choose the Trailer tab under any active video (green light).

2. Scroll down to the ADD NEW TRAILER form. This form will show you a list of source videos in the FTP Upload directory. Choose your trailer video, give it a title, and click ADD VIDEO.

The cms then adds this video to your Videos collection and attaches the video as a Trailer to this member's video. The Permission Level of the video is set to Promo/Trailer. This hides the video from the Videos page and Homepage listings.

Alternatively, you can add videos using the standard process and set the Permission Level of the video to Promo/Trailer. You can then attach that Trailer Video from your Videos collection to any member's video using the Trailer tab. In this case, use the Promo Trailer form at the top and choose the Trailer video from your collection. If you don't have any Promo Trailers in your collection, nothing will show (as in the example above).

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