Posted on Tue, 15 May 2012

W3Counter is a free, hosted website analytics solution for answering the key questions about your website: who's your audience, how they find your site, and what interests them. W3Counter includes real-time statistics and shows detailed stats about referring sites, visitor page clicks, and much more.

PornCMS integrates with W3Counter for detailed traffic stats. If you want vital, useful statistics about your website traffic, then this plugin is a must-have.

NOTE: You can use ALL traffic stats plugins (StatCounter, W3Counter and Google Analytics) on your website at the same time. Each system provides a different set of useful analytics tools.

Follow these steps to enable the W3Counter plugin for your 
PornCMS site:

  • Sign up for a W3Counter account by clicking here. Basic accounts are free!
  • Login to your W3Counter page and find the SITE CODE in the provided W3Counter tracking code. If you have a problem finding your code, simply copy your tracking code and paste it into a support ticket by clicking here.
  • Login to your PornCMS admin and go to SETUP > CONFIGURE > General
  • Enter your W3Counter ID in the Configuration Settings.
  • Once you click "Update Configuration" and your settings are accepted, you are finished! All traffic will now be tracked by the W3Counter system. To view your site traffic stats, visit W3Counter and login to your account.

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