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Posted on Thu, 17 May 2012

If you are having a hard time converting new members or your rebills are low, you may need more content to keep your members happy. A cheap and simple way to do this is by adding Platinum Feeds.

Platinum Feeds provided thousands of streaming DVDs for your members to watch at a per-Gb price. The feeds include a wide variety of niches, ensuring that your members will always find something to watch.

PornCMS integrates easily with Platinum Feeds. The required files are already installed in every PornCMS website.

Follow these steps to enable the Platinum Feeds plugin for your 
PornCMS site:

  • Sign up for a Platinum Feeds account by clicking here
  • Email your Platinum Feeds username & password to PornCMS Support so we can configure your account to work with your PornCMS website. You can contact PornCMS by clicking here
  • Once we've configured your Platinum Feeds account, Login to your PornCMS admin and go to Pages > Custom and EDIT the Bonus DVDs page if needed.
  • Add the Bonus DVDs to your navigation by going to ADMIN > CONFIGURE > Navigation and choosing the Bonus Feeds page in the Top and/or Foot nav area.
  • As an added recommendation, add a message or banner on your Join page promoting the Feeds. To edit your Join Page HTML, go to SETUP > CONFIGURE > HTML and find the Join Page box.

Note: You are responsible for all charges from Platinum Feeds. You can pay your bill in the Platinum Feeds admin area and also see detailed reports of your feed usage.

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