How To Create Custom Thumbnails

Posted on Sat, 8 January 2011

The CMS automatically creates thumbnails for your content items. However you may want to crop your own or upload your own artwork. Here are the simple steps to take to create your own custom thumbnails.

  • Go to SETUP > CONFIGURE > MEDIA and make sure to set the thumbnail sizes you want under CONTENT PROMO THUMBNAILS.

  • Go to MEDIA > THUMBNAILS and choose a content type.

  • Choose the Content Item you want to create the thumbnail for and hit "CREATE THUMBNAIL" or use the UPLOAD field to upload your own image to crop.

  • Choose a large image to crop your thumbnail from (if you did not upload your own image). Video thumbnails are created from Screenshots; Photo thumbnails are created from photos of a photo set; Model thumbnails are created from either photos of that model or screenshots of her/his videos; All other thumbnails must be manually uploaded.

  • Drag a box across the large image in the left side of the crop window to create your thumbnail. You will see a preview of the thumbnail on the right. When satisfied, click "Crop Thumbnail"

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