How to Add a Video

Posted on Mon, 10 January 2011

Any media, like videos, photos, blog entries, articles, or custom pages are called content items. You can add unlimited content items and schedule them to be published up to 10 years in the future. Here are the steps to follow to add a VIDEO to your website.

The first step is to get your raw video file uploaded to your upload folder. You can do this through FTP or through the web-based upload page. Go to the UPLOAD tab of the admin area and choose an upload (or import) option. The converter only needs a full-length raw video. All other video formats will be automatically created. Here are the ideal recommended specs for your raw video:

file type: wmv-3 (Windows Media 9 or earlier)
bitrate: 3000-5000mb/sec
framerate: 29.97
size: 720x480px or bigger

Here is what the web-based uploader looks like:


The next step is to add the video as a content item on your website. Go to the MEDIA tab and click VIDEOS. You will see a table of the videos on your site. At the top of the page, click the 'ADD' button.


Fill out the New Video form. It is recommended that you fill out all applicable fields, however these are required:

Add a Title
Choose a Raw Video File (from step 1 above)
Choose a Publish date
Choose a Permission Level


4: Watch The Queue
Once you have added a Content Item, the item will go into the Queue for processing. Videos take 1 hour to process and 1 video is processed per hour. Photo sets take about 10 minutes to process and 2 sets are processed per hour. The Queue page can be found by clicking UPLOAD>QUEUE.


Once the video is no longer in the Queue, it will be ready for publishing. Publishing is automatic based on the Publish Date you set in set #3.

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