How to Add a Photo Set

Posted on Sun, 9 January 2011

Any media, like videos, photos, blog entries, articles, or custom pages are called content items. You can add unlimited content items and schedule them to be published up to 10 years in the future. Here are the steps to follow to add a PHOTO SET to your website.

  • make a zip folder of your photo set on your computer
  • go to SETUP > CONFIGURE > MEDIA and check your photos and thumbnail settings - or have PornCMS staff help you.
  • go to UPLOAD > UPLOAD and use the uploader to move your files to the server
  • go to MEDIA > PHOTO SETS and add the photo set as a media item. the zip file you just uploaded will be in the "choose file" list.
  • wait 1 hour and revisit your site. the photo set will be live.

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