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Posted on Wed, 30 March 2016

Custom pages are great on their own if you want to add new pages to your site. Custom pages can also be embedded into a template file. An example use would be an Announcement on the homepage or a special Links block. Create a custom page for that content area, then embed the custom page in the template file (follow instructions below). When you need to update that area of the site, simply edit the custom page.

Here is how to embed a custom page in a template file.

[PHP skill level required = basic]

1. Go to SETUP > Template and choose the template file to edit.

2. Add this at the top after the <?

if(!$Custom) include_once $homeL.$dataFolder."custom.txt";

3. Add this wherever you want to embed a custom page. The CUSTOM-PAGE-ID can be found by going to Custom Pages in the cms admin and editing the custom page. The 'id' is found on the right above the title.


If you have any problems or questions, contact support.


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