Security System Overview

Posted on Fri, 10 February 2012

The security system in PornCMS is integrated into core of the cms, which makes it much better than a 3rd party password manager. PornCMS security goes beyond simple password management.

Here is an overview of PornCMS security-related features:

    • configurable login limits per username (no sharing)
    • configurable per-minute pageview limits (limits auto downloader speeds)
    • automatic and manual IP or username banning/unbanning
    • login flood protection
    • pageview/downloads tracking and reporting
    • visitor/member usage tracking and reporting
    • unlimited passfiles and billers
    • manual pass management with expirations
    • random filenames and folder names
    • uncrackable downloader script
    • file renaming on download
    • multiple access levels for all content
    • cookie-based video security
    • server-level flood and brute force protection

Admin area security:

  • ajax verification
  • multiple users with module access restrictions
  • fast domain/account switching


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