How to Edit the Site Header

Posted on Fri, 20 May 2011


I want to edit the top header box of my website.


There's 2 ways to go about editing the header box:

    1. Go to SETUP > CONFIGURE > HTML and enter some HTML in the "Header HTML" box. This overrides the default header in the site template.

    2. If you are a PHP programmer, just make your changes in the TEMPLATE admin page. The site template is all PHP, so make sure you know some basic PHP before you start making changes. Follow these steps:

    • Go to ADMIN > TEMPLATE and choose the MAIN BODY template

    • Scroll down to line 81 where it says ** HEADER ** - it looks like this:
      //  ** HEADER **
      $body.="<tr><td align=center>".rawurldecode($HeaderBox)."</td></tr>";
    • Add any code or html you want in the "td" tag.

      DESIGNER'S TIP: The stylesheet/css is edited in SETUP > CONFIGURE > STYLESHEET

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