Pay-Per-View Overview

Posted on Tue, 20 August 2013

There are two ways to charge your members in PornCMS: subscription paysite or pay-per-view.
See more information about these two options by clicking here

If you want your site set up as a traditional paysite, simply contact support so we can install your billing account.
If you'd like your site to be a pay-per-view site, enable "Free Joins" in the PPV Pricing admin, set Tokens Prices, and then contact support so we can install your billing account.

To charge members tokens for pay-per-view items, your items will need to be added to the ITEMS tab of the pay-per-view system. You can add content items as pay-per-view items automatically by using the ITEMS tab of the ppv admin. You can also automate the process of setting the ppv permissions of videos and photo sets by setting the 'Auto Enable' option in the ppv Pricing admin. This setting will affect future content only. Existing content will not be added to the Items list.

To access the Pay-Per-View admin in your PornCMS admin area, go to MEDIA>PAY-PER-VIEW.


The Pay-Per-View module is a feature of 



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