Posted on Fri, 18 May 2012

Display a Facebook Page's wall as a Custom Page on your Website

PornCMS allows you to display the wall of any Facebook Page in which you are administrator. Its easy to use. First go to Custom Pages (PAGES>CUSTOM PAGES) in your PornCMS admin area, click 'LOGIN' to your Facebook account and then choose a Facebook Page to display.


To display this Custom Page on your website, go to Navigation Setup (SETUP>CONFIGURE>NAVIGATION) and choose this Custom Page from the dropdown list of pages for your top and/or footer navigation.

Import your personal or page photo albums as a PornCMS photo set

PornCMS allows you to Import the images of any Facebook Album in which you are administrator. This means you can import photos from any of your personal photo albums or the photo albums of any Page where you are an administrator. First go to the Photos Module (MEDIA>PHOTOS), click 'LOGIN' to your Facebook account and then choose a Facebook Album from your account. If you want to import an album from a Facebook Page, choose the page where it says "Switch To Page" and click SWITCH.


PornCMS will download your photos from Facebook and drop it in the queue for processing, just like any Photo Set. Once the set is active, it will be displayed on your website with your other photo sets.

When you add new photos to your Facebook Album on Facebook, come back to the Photos Module, click 'edit' on this photo set, and choose the Album to import. Album name and data is not saved after import. To re-import, you must login to Facebook from this page and choose an album. This allows you to import from multiple Facebook accounts. Simply logout and sign in as another Facebook user.


If you are having problems seeing your Pages or Photo Albums after signing into Facebook, take the following steps:

  • Hit Logout from the CMS admin page
  • Go to facebook.com and click Privacy Settings under the Account dropdown (top right)
  • Click 'edit' under Apps and Websites
  • Remove your website from the list
  • Logout of facebook.com
  • Delete the cookies for your website in your browser
  • Sign into your CMS admin panel and click 'Connect with your Facebook account"

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